Water Diagnostic Consultants (WDC) is a leading company that specialises in water-related consulting and offers a broad spectrum of services to a wide range of clients. WDC is committed to quality assessments and service that will add value to any operation, whilst providing integrated solutions for the real needs of clients in both the public and private sector.

What we believe


As a company, WDC aims to be a leader by offering permanent solutions to water-related problems in any operational process.


Providing a dynamic and innovative professional water management and auditing service. Through our auditing and consulting knowledge, we take a scientific and practical approach to resolve any water-related problems, recommending permanent and cost-effective solutions to our customers on a continuous basis.

Total water management

WDC can supply you with a total management system for your water usage. Through the optimisation of water treatment processes and the minimisation of water usage, plant efficiency can greatly be improved. Costs incurred by your water usage can be kept to a minimum by the water reuse and recycle strategies that make out an integral part of this management system, along with the effective use of alternative water sources.

Consulting service

Our high-quality consulting service provides reliable and punctual requested auditing and advice. We offer permanent solutions that provide you with reductions in costs and improved system efficiency. As part of these permanent solutions, our services include the training of personnel and as an added guarantee, all our recommendations are backed by scientific support.